Our tools for eRepublik

eRepublik-Deutschland.de provides, next to several tipps and tricks, a lot of helpful tools which make it easier for you to start your life in the world of eRepublik.

Through an intelligent linking and an extensive analysis of all data provided by eRepublik, we can offer detailed tools in the categories General, Economy and Military which we would like to present you on this page.


In the category General you'll find helpful applications which can't be assigned to a specific group.


We offer, besides the general provided data, a wide-ranging and detailed view into the progress of the specific player.


Here you will find a great overview about all countries in eRepublik - regardless of whether you want information about taxes or bonuses, here you'll find everything.


With our worldmap you'll find all important information about countries, regions including their neighbours, resources and running battles at a glance.


In the category Economy you'll find everything about the latest price progression, job offers and a lot of helpful tools to maximize the profit of your companies.

Latest Joboffers

Here you will always find the most profitable jobs which makes it easier for you to join the world of work in eRepublik.

Goldprice Progression

Get a inside view of the progression of the goldprice and increase your profit with the help of specific trades on the monetary market


Always find the cheapest offers, see the current price progression on the marketplace and maximize your profit.


Company Calculator

Calculate the profitability of all of your companies in consideration of bonuses, taxes and your workers to maximize your profit.


In the category Military you'll find helpfull tools which will provide an excellent overview of running campaigns and military units in the world of eRepublik.

Battle Watcher

We provide access to the most detailed overview of all running campaigns and make it possible, that you'll get your FF-, BH- and CH medals with the most less effort.