What is eRepublik

eRepublik is a browserbased MMOG which has been founded in 2007 and, by this time, is one of the biggest of its kind.

With currently 74 countries and overall 670 regions there is a variety of areas, in which the player can settle. Use the wide politics system, join a party, fight until you become the president of your country or start a military coup and rule as a dictator.

Defend your nation together with other players against attacking countries or start a resistance war to free yourself - everything built on a pure player driven economy!

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eRepublik offers three enormous modules, on which the game is built on. Be a member of a party, start a career in politics, join a military unit and become a successful commander or use your economic understandings and build a business empire!

Economy Module

Start your own bussiness empire and establish in food-, weapon- or houseindustry. Get new workers and maximize your profit, become a master of your craftsmanship!

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Politics Module

Team up with other players and become member of a party! With skills in politics all doors are open to you on your way into the congress or even on the presidential chair!

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Military Module

Join the armed forces, train on a daily basis and become one of the most strongest fighter on the battlefield! Defend your nation or fight for new regions!

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With the three modules economy, politics and military eRepublik offers a variety for your eCareer. We would like to show you some features more in-depth to give you a more detailed insight into the world of eRepublik.

Own companies

Start your own companies, earn money by producing resources, food, weapons and houses and learn how to maximize your profit.

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Sell your produced goods or resources on the marketplace, increase your money and start investing in gold.

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Job Market

Extend your business activity and increase your profit by hiring new workers with the help of the job market.

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Epic Battles

Earn medals in epic battles, improve your military rank and gather important experience.

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Realtime Strategy

Enjoy realtime strategy through a global perspective and fight side on side with your friends.

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Resistance Wars

Free occupied regions and contribute your part to the unit of your nation.

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Occupy other countries

Extend the influence of your nation and increase the income of your country through the successful occupation of other regions.

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Democracy to dictatorship

Become president with the help of democracy or get the influence you deserve through the help of a military coup.

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Join a party and be part of the fundamental values of democracy and create the base for an entrance into the congress.

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  • 670


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eRepublik is one of the biggest browser MMOGs worldwide. Through the widespread economy-, military- and politcal system, there's something for every player. Come over and support us!